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Livehoods is built with data from millions of public foursquare check-ins. Public check-ins are ones that have been openly broadcast on Twitter. To gather these data, we first search the Twitter public stream for Tweets containing a check-in. We then match these Tweets with data from the foursquare check-in API in order to get detailed information about the check-in venue.

If you have any questions about our data, we'd be happy to hear from you. Email us at to get in touch.


Check-in data is sensitive. As privacy researchers, we take great care to make sure the analyses we conduct and insights we display on our maps only reveal highly aggregated city trends. We only use publically avaialbe sources of check-in data, and we will only ever display venues on our maps, not individual check-ins. We also make sure not to display private residences. Sometimes these can be difficult to filter out, so if you see one we missed, please let us know about it, and we'll mark it for removal.

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